Telling Your Story

Be Heard.


We want you to tell your story, in your own way and time. You can help change the way society talks about mental illness, and also make progress in your own healing journey. We feature personal testimonies on the Direct It Blog to put the power of changing perceptions into your hands. We'll give you the tools and platform to showcase your story, as well as any help you need while formulating your personal testimony. We are always looking for new contributors to the Direct It blog. Elizabeth, the founder of Direct It, will help you decide on a format and direction best suited for your story.

Don’t think you’re a strong writer? Nonsense! Elizabeth will help you with any editing and proofreading you ask for. She’s also here for you to bounce ideas off of as you work to write your story.

Not interested in writing a full post? We have other options available. Email us for more information.

Scared? It’s okay to feel apprehensive, or even anxious, about sharing something personal to your life. Elizabeth still gets nervous when she writes a new piece about her mental health. We believe storytelling can also be a healing journey for the writer, along with the reader; however, telling your story on a public platform like Direct It might not be the best for you. Here are a few tips we have for those nervous about taking the step:

  1. Talk with a friend, family member, or counselor. We are more than happy to talk with you about your journey, but we can’t replace a trusted friend or professional provider.
  2. Ask yourself: Will sharing my story put me in a compromising position? Unfortunately, some people can face backlash for being open and honest about their mental health. Be sure you're in a safe community and environment before sharing your personal story.
  3. Are you doing this for yourself? We're focused on you and your health, not daily readers or followers. If at any time you want to stop work on your story - we'll be happy to save it in case you'd like to return.
  4. Don’t feel the need to share everything. There are still aspects of Elizabeth’s story that she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing on a public stage. We won’t ask you to share something you’re not comfortable with.

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