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What is Direct It?


To use personal storytelling and purposeful dialogue to change the narrative of mental health in society.


A society that talks about mental health with the same importance as physical health.

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Driven by Dialogue

We’re doing exactly what society has failed to do: talk about mental illness in open and honest ways. Dialogue is a central part of Direct It's mission, and that’s why we’ve compiled tools and resources to help you start to change the perception of mental illness in your own circles. Our dialogue guides include factsheets, discussion prompts, and guidelines to help you start a purposeful conversation within family, friends group, organizations, and communities. Find more at our Direct It Dialogue page.


Powered by Stories

We want you to tell your story, in your own way and time. You can help change the way society talks about mental illness, and also make progress in your own healing journey. We feature personal testimonies on the Direct It Blog to put the power of changing perceptions into your hands. We'll give you the tools and platform to showcase your story, as well as any help you need while formulating your personal testimony. Get more information on our story program in our first blog postor contact Elizabeth when you are ready to share.

Based on Facts

The stigma surrounding mental illness relies on a foundation of false facts and misperceptions. For example – There’s a mistaken belief in society that individuals with mental illness are violent. However, the facts show that individuals with mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence. Rely on us to start conversations grounded in fact. You’ll find our factsheets within your Direct It Dialogue guides.



We consider ourselves a resource for starting a conversation about mental illness, but we're not a resource for everything. We'd love to talk with you about telling your story and walking you through that journey, but we are not professional counselors or treatment providers. If you're looking for help - we've compiled a list of resources for you. Always remember - we're here for you, and we want you to stay. <3

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • 1-800-273-8255

The Trevor Project

Veteran Crisis Line